Fabasoft Folio Cloud supports APIs for CalDAV, WebDAV and CMIS.

The access to your business data and private digital treasures is possible in Folio Cloud on the basis of open standards such as WebDAV, CalDAV and CMIS.


Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV, or CalDAV, is an Internet standard allowing a client to access scheduling information on a remote server. It extends WebDAV specification and uses iCalendar format for the data.

Using a CalDAV URL Folio Cloud users may synchronize a calendar in Folio Cloud with a local calendar on a mobile device (iPad, iPhone, iCal, Thunderbird), and share it among multiple devices or with other users.

This is how it works with Folio Cloud



The WebDAV protocol is a HTTP-based protocol for data manipulation. The extension defines additional HTTP methods for browsing and locking.

The Fabasoft WebDAV integration maps a user’s desktop to a hierarchical file view that can be browsed by a WebDAV enabled client. The client can do file system like operations such as copy, move, delete and rename. In addition, objects can be locked, edited and unlocked.

This is how it works with Folio Cloud


Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)

CMIS is a specification for improving interoperability between Enterprise Content Management systems. It provides a common data model covering typed files and folders with generic properties that can be set or read.

This is how it works with Folio Cloud