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  • Free Development Environment
  • Code Repository in the Cloud
  • Lucrative Business Model

Getting started is easy

Fabasoft Folio Cloud provides a robust and secure platform for fully fledged professional business applications, supporting thousands of users via nifty, exciting and intuitive Cloud Apps that make your online and mobile life easier and more enjoyable. Be part and become a Cloud App Developer. A revenue sharing model allows you to profit from the success of Fabasoft Folio Cloud and, of course, your Cloud App.

  1. Get a Fabasoft Folio Cloud Account
  2. Sign up for Cloud App Development
  3. Get a free Cloud App VDE
  4. Get the ready-to-use Eclipse including a Fabasoft app.ducx and Fabasoft app.test plug-in 

To help you getting started we provide some free Fabasoft app.ducx examles in our public SVN. Just connect to and checkout the latest samples.