Become a Fabasoft Partner

Cloud Development Partner

Become a Cloud developer and help us shape the Cloud!

  • Develop Cloud Apps with Folio Cloud "Platform as a Service" (PaaS).
  • We provide you with your professional developer environment ("Hosted Environment").
  • The use of the developer tools is completely free!
  • Fabasoft takes care of the professional operation of your cloud Apps in the Cloud infrastructure.
  • Fabasoft markets your Cloud Apps via the Fabasoft Cloud App Store (Shared Revenue).

Cloud Affiliate Marketing Partner

Do you have a load of ideas of who would benefit from our European Business Cloud? Then become an affiliate marketing partner!

  • Market Folio Cloud with campaigns in your business networks.
  • We provide you with the banner graphics linked to our landing pages.
  • You earn money from every new Folio Cloud business user.

Cloud Broker Partner

Are you a Cloud broker and bundle Cloud services into attractive performance packages for your customers? Folio Cloud is the perfect extension to your Cloud offer!

  • Secure collaboration with business partners - informally and structured via workflow.
  • The best content and document management in the Cloud.
  • Extensible via Cloud Apps, the business applications of the future.